About Us


Mark Adams | Co-Founder & COO

Demonstrating a dedication to operational excellence, Adams Independent Testing (AIT) Chief Operations Officer Mark Adams leads capabilities and processes and ensures execution of company strategy. Whether speaking with vendors, researching hemp testing equipment, or forming relationships with customers, Mark keeps the day-to-day operations running smoothly and efficiently. 

Growing up in the grain inspection industry, Mark got his start at a young age helping with the family business—North Dakota Grain Inspection (NDGI)—progressively taking on more responsibility. Currently, Mark serves as NDGI’s Quality Manager, upholding performance objectives and testing standards across the organization’s grain operations department. Cultivating a quality-centric culture has been critical in maintaining and maturing NDGI’s elite quality and service delivery reputation and securing industry certifications and appraisals. 

With his background in the testing trade, Mark has worked collaboratively to develop and successfully implement AIT quality standards and metrics. His goal since inception has been to establish a lab that will help solve inconsistencies in the hemp testing industry. Through educating hemp producers and processors on certifications, proper sampling techniques, etc., Mark hopes to remove some of the stigmas associated with hemp production and improve the experience for all parties involved.  

Contributing to quality management procedures across all offices, Mark’s commitment to continual learning has had a significant impact on the success of each organization. For example, he has earned and maintained 12 Federal licenses for the various grain commodities, a substantial undertaking. His advanced knowledge keeps NDGI and AIT ahead of the curve, improving systems and processes in real-time to meet the needs of customers and exceed any expectations set. 

In his free time, Mark enjoys golfing, cooking, and working on cars. Like his work history, Mark has been diligent with practice and learning, perfecting all three hobbies.