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Mike Adams | Co-Founder/Partner

Adams Independent Testing (AIT) Cofounder and Owner Mike Adams navigates the overall strategic direction and growth of AIT and acts as managing partner over internal operations. Mike is a seasoned entrepreneur and executive with a wealth of knowledge in commodities and more than 35 years of experience leading companies in the agriculture industry. 

Mike’s dedicated history of managing, investing in, and mentoring small companies throughout the Midwest began with North Dakota Grain Inspection (NDGI) when he was just a teenager. Starting in 1986, Mike took a very hands-on approach to gain an all-encompassing understanding of NDGI operations and industry challenges. With the knowledge and skills he acquired, he was able to assume key leadership roles throughout the organization, quickly working his way up to President, and eventually leading the company to become one of the largest grain inspection agencies in the nation.  

A visionary, Mike developed a passion for technology innovation. In 1998 he founded AdamsNet, a grain inspection software development company contributing to the success of grain testing systems across the country. Through this venture, he designed a software program that currently processes more than half of the grade commodity certificates issued throughout the United States. 

Leveraging his business and technical expertise, Mike invested in a couple of information technology startups after AdamsNet, acting as a trusted advisor, sharing knowledge and best practices, and leading merger and acquisition initiatives. His work developing and supporting technology solutions that promote interoperability, innovation, and analysis has been central to the successful execution of AIT business endeavors. 

Previously, Mike served as a member of the Board of Directors for the Transportation, Elevator & Grain Merchants Association, and he is a routine attendee of the annual American Association of Grain Inspection and Weighing Agencies meetings. Through generous donations and fundraiser attendance, Mike also supports philanthropic initiatives that help local communities and promote sustainable and innovative agricultural practices. 

When Mike’s not hard at work, he can be found pursuing one of his many hobbies, including boating with his wife and two dogs or building and restoring cars with his son.